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Disney makes a sexy Ursula (er, “sassy” Ursula) costume. Just not in plus sizes. Ya know. Like the character Ursula.

Lest you think Disney just doesn’t make plus-size costumers, they actually do. For dudes, too. Just not in a sexy version. Sorry, “sassy”. Because “sassy” costumes are just for thin women.

No Snacker costumes, I see.



Disney Plus Size characters :)

I only did human (or half-human) characters. 

There were a few I left out on purpose because of the triggering way they are animated (Stromboli from Pinocchio, the natives from Peter Pan…)

good collection.   Sad that almost none are main lead characters, they’re all secondary leads, background characters, or villains.  :/

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From mspauline89:

This is a video that I made today for a vlog group that I am apart of, and I figured that this would be a great place to get more people in the fight for body and fat acceptance. I know it’s not a re-purposed snacker, but I’m on her side!

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